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ABSA customers can pay their accounts online for real time service. View account, pay and get connected.


The most advanced online municipal service. Accounts, real time payments, meter readings, 4 hour reconnections, disputes and compliments, investment and indigent program. Available via web, mobile and kiosk.

SARS E@syfile

Global software award for innovation in 2008. Used by almost every SA business, the software assists employers and payroll administrators to manage their interactions with SARS. E@syfile is integrated with all leading payroll software.


Interfile manages payments across all channels – Banks, online, and over the counter in Home Affairs branches using our advanced IRE and National Treasury payment interface. Our reconciliation engine speeds up processing for quicker turnaround.


Created in 2003, received the Public Service Innovation award, and is internationally recognised. We changed the way the public views the Receiver, changed the way SARS operates and helped make SARS the top collection agency in the world.


Boosting innovation through the R&D tax incentive. This online service makes it easier for business to gain government fiscal support.


Created in 2005, uFiling offers UIF declarations and payments, history, delegations and more. Our electronic claims processing has reduced unemployment claims processing times from 6 weeks to 24 hours (excluding claims payout).


Free online service for homeowners, companies, agents and tenants. Accounts, real time payments, queries and disputes, history and more.


e-Netcare allows for Netcare customers to view and pay their bills through a custom portal, using convenient payment options.

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